Our Expertise

Rialto Capital's in-house Investment Management & Asset Management teams create a differentiated, controlled approach to value creation and performance management across cycles.


Rialto Capital is the manager of its opportunistic flagship Rialto Real Estate Fund series and other specialized funds and separate accounts with different investment strategies and return targets.
Existing Client Relationships
  • Investors in Rialto Capital’s investment group of vehicles include a diverse investor base, with partners including pensions, sovereign funds, financial institutions, endowments, foundations, family offices, and high net worth individuals.
  • Rialto Capital has a global footprint, with investors in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and Australia.
Investment Focus
Rialto Capital’s cycle-tested management team has demonstrated the ability to leverage its integrated platform and national footprint to pivot based on its view of the market environment, and invest throughout the real estate capital structure. Our experience investing across the risk spectrum allows Rialto Capital to pursue strategies consistent with the objectives of our clients.
  • Distressed Loans – Manages each asset with bespoke plans to work out with the borrower or through loan/REO sales.
  • CMBS – A market leader in new-issue CMBS B-pieces acquisitions since 2011.
  • Commercial Properties – Invests in and manages all major property types, including office, industrial, multifamily, hospitality, and retail, located throughout the US.
  • Direct Real Estate Lending – Investments include senior and stretch-senior loans, mezzanine loans, B-notes, preferred equity, and distressed/non-performing loans.

Asset Management

Rialto Capital’s Asset Management team utilizes its owner/operator skillset to create value in complex assets & portfolios.

In-House Due Diligence & Underwriting
  • Our dedicated team of in-house underwriters performs extensive property-level diligence on all credit and equity investments.
  • Rialto Capital seeks to apply lessons learned during underwriting and asset management experiences across the platform to future opportunities and situations.
Performing Loan Asset Management
  • Asset managers are assigned based on property-specific expertise and geographic regions.
  • Rialto Capital seeks to structure loans with proper capital/interest reserves, debt yields, and coverage tests, and performs detailed reviews of each sponsor, with guarantor requirements including liquidity & net worth.
Loan Asset Management & Real Estate Operational Expertise
  • Rialto Capital’s infrastructure was built in the wake of the global financial crisis and has specialists in loan asset management, structuring, servicing, legal and resolution.
  • Rialto Capital’s real estate team has expertise in leasing, capital improvements, repositioning, property management, and development/entitlements.