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Rialto Capital

Rialto Capital is an integrated investment management and asset management platform, with a dedicated special servicer. In aggregate, Rialto Capital has over 200 associates across the United States and Europe.


Investment & Asset Management

Rialto Capital has demonstrated an ability to invest throughout real estate market cycles.

  • Since 2009, we have raised almost $4 billion in our flagship funds and an additional $4 billion across a series of private equity funds, partnerships, and separate accounts.
  • Rialto Capital strives to pivot investment strategies based on the market environment providing for the ability to invest throughout the real estate capital structure in securities, loans, and properties.
  • Our in-house asset management team seeks to add value to complex assets and portfolios through hands-on management, leveraging decades of real estate experience.

Investment Strategies

*Representative loan to value ratio. For illustrative purposes only; actual LTV can vary

Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities

  • New Issue CMBS B-Pieces
  • Secondary CMBS B-Pieces
  • Investment Grade CMBS

Direct Lending on Transitional Properties

  • Senior Loans
  • Stretch Senior Loans
  • Mezzanine Loans
  • B-Notes
  • Preferred Equity
  • Distressed/Non-Performing Loans

Real Estate Properties

  • Opportunistic
  • Value Add/Repositioning
  • Distressed


Named Special Servicer

Special Servicing

Rialto Capital is a rated CMBS special servicer overseeing a portfolio of more than $100 billion of pool balance in over 100 trusts since 2011.

  • Rialto Capital uses a solutions-oriented approach and endeavors to provide a best-in-class borrower experience.
  • Borrowers have a multi-pronged path to success based on our relationships with the master servicer, rating agencies and trust advisors.
  • Our team of seasoned real estate asset management professionals has experience managing all types of real estate asset classes and loan structures.